Soundbar, Two Front Speakers, 50 Watts, Black was $159.99 now $58.87 from Zuma Office Supply

Soundbars offer a roomful of home theater equipment in one space-saving slim solution. Match the quality of high-definition TV with stunning sound quality. Soundbars let you experience every detail. Setup is easy giving you maximum convenience and minimal clutter. Unique “under television” space-saving design. Provide a superior stereo experience that complements high-definition TV. Soundbars disperse sound evenly and minimize distortion. Easy placement under television gives you space savings. Great for the classroom, boardroom, conference room, a lobby and hotel lounge areas. Mounting: Under TV; Cable Length: 4 ft; Connector/Port/Interface: RCA; 3.5 mm Jack; Output: 50 Watts.

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